“The Zen of Painting: 100 Brushstrokes”

“100 Brushstrokes” is an assignment I developed for my painting students to help them focus on the quality of their personal expression. The idea is to do a small painting with only 100 strokes, a challenge that’s harder than it sounds. Most artists use thousands of strokes in a single painting. Many of those strokes are mindless — we may be focusing on what we’ll be having for lunch or on the dishes piling up in the sink instead of on the canvas in front of us.

“100 Brushstrokes” is designed to encourage participants to paint mindfully — to be fully present, fully focused and fully aware of what they’re attempting to communicate in the simplest, most personally expressive way possible. When brushstrokes are limited, each stroke needs to be elegant and descriptive.

Students enjoy the challenge of this exercise and always learn something about themselves and about the process of painting. I like the assignment so much I’m developing an ongoing painting clinic around it. The clinics will take place every Wednesday afternoon from 2-4 p.m. and will cost $20. Oil and acrylic painters are welcome — if you’d like to use watercolors, just let me know in advance and we’ll set up a table for you. Supplies are listed on the registration site. skills and their creative voices.

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